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For the best massage EVER - go see Diana Dow! I promise you will walk out of her office feeling like you can take on the world! My husband is super picky and rarely goes to anyone more than once and he raves about her, too. She is at 2 Dundee Park, Suite B02-c. 617-823-2795.

Liz - posted on Andover Mums/Facebook


I have had many massages and body work by some terrific people and in my opinion, Diana is up at the top with the best. She zeroed in on my area of pain and with the hot stones was able to relieve most of my issue with just 2 sessions.  She is strong, but gentle, and will apply the amount of pressure you want and or need.  She has a calm relaxing manner and space, is easy to schedule with, and I will continue seeing her to stay pain free. I highly recommend!

Barbi W. - posted on Yelp


I met with Diana today for a prenatal massage. What a wonderful experience! Diana was warm and inviting. Hot stone massage was just what I needed. Diana found all the stress and tension amd melted it away. I will def be back!

Kate Noonan - posted on Google 


I have experienced the pleasure of a massage therapy with Diana. Having had many other massage therapy experiences that were fine. After Diana massage therapy I now know the difference from a fine massage therapy and a Great one. I have come to realize the importance of a skilled therapeutic massage executed by a professional, Trained individual. Beyond her professionalism, I find that Diana truly cares about each individual, their health, their circumstances – mind body and spirit. Diana is very dedicated to her profession and is, simply stated,  the BEST!!! 

Robert Abisi


Hi Diana,

I just wanted to thank you again for the WONDERFUL massage….. While I have had hot stone massage before, I never had one where smaller, hand-size stones were combined with lotion for a full-body massage.  It felt like a day at the beach!!  Where the warm sun just totally warmed my body.  It was especially great in the middle of this snowy-snowy winter season!!  AND, hours after the massage, my sore muscles are still loosening up as I walk – just super!!  Looking forward to my next visit!!

See you soon,

Mary Jo

Diana is professional, available and does a wonderful job.  The addition of hot stones to relax the muscles and maximize benefit is awesome.  I called for a same day appointment and she was able to accommodate me.  I highly recommend her above large spas or chain massage businesses.  I'll definitely go back to her!
Susan S., Andover
(The above was copied from a Yelp review - Diana)
I called Diana Dow during evening hours on a weekend. I received the answering machine, with the expectation that the office was closed. Not more than 15 Minutes later Diana called me back and I informed her that I was interested in getting massage.

When I got to the therapy office Diana greeted me with a smile and courteous welcome. She was wonderful and I instantly knew that I felt comfortable. I proceeded to have the hot stone massage for 90 minutes. It was the first time I've experienced this and I must say it was fabulous. I felt very relaxed afterwards and wished I could have another 90 minute session right after.

The massage was great, the music was calming, the stones felt amazing, Diana is an expert in bodywork and massage therapy, and overall the quality of service was obvious to me.

I will be a repeat customer based on my first experience and I recommend that any individuals searching for a credible massage therapist contact Diana.

Thank you!
Cam Kitsakos
(The above was copied from a Google review - Diana)

 It is hard to describe how in-tune your whole body, soul and mind feel when Diana works on you. Her unique combination of skills, hot stones usage combined with her honest concern for each and every client, simply dissolves pain, tension and stress. She is amazing!

D.T. from No Andover


I've been having massage for over 15 years and appreciate the difference in therapists, each one is a little different. I really missed having hot stone massage so I thought I would give this a try.

Diana is an outstanding massage therapist and really understands that  it is your relaxation time, not time for chatting.  She is very responsive to your desired pressure level so you leave feeling good, not sore! Her skill in using hot stones for the massage is comparable to one of the top spas in the nation...WOW! We are lucky to have her right here in Andover.  During the massage, she includes a moisturizing treatment for your hands and also work to your face, scalp (heavenly), fingers and toes! Many of these details are skipped by other therapists, a true sign of Diana's commitment to her work. This is not your average cookie cutter massage. If you really need to destress, treat yourself and see Diana!

The spa atmosphere is super clean, calm, quiet and decorated beautifully.  Also a great place for a pedicure! The location is great, right on Main Street in the Tactician Building.

I love the availability of Sat and Sunday appointments and Diana has always been very accommodating with my desired dates and times, even on very short notice!

Highly recommend!

Kristi B., Andover     

(The above was copied from a Yelp review - Diana)


I have been fortunate to travel extensively throughout the world and with my stressful work schedule and back issues I always try to find time for a massage. I recently moved to Andover and visited Diana for a massage and I must say it was clearly the best one I have had...and again that is comparing it to probably 75-100 other therapists. The combination of the use of her hands with the hot stones leaves my body feeling rejuvenated, relaxed and feeling much better than when I walked in every time. Definitely recommend Diana for all of your massage therapy needs.

Jeff, Andover , MA


Diana was exceptional! Fortunately, I have received many massages from various places before including those on tropical islands, and never have I had a massage like the one Diana gave me. Between the stretching, hot stone and general relaxation I received, I felt rejuvenated and refreshed! It was truly THE BEST and I already made a second appointment.



 My very first massage ever was with Diana Dow of Andover. Trying not to gush, my experience left me floating beyond myself and at total peace. The whole session with Diana was slow, peaceful and elevating. From her warm and kind welcoming smile, to the massage room itself, the massage, and follow-up, the aura of peacefulness, kindness and care carried me away. During the massage only Diana's touch indicated her presence. She gave instructions in whispers and moved about positioning herself, gathering hot stones or oil soundlessly. The aura was total.  Today, a day later, I am energized, at peace and feel fantastic.     

Greg M.


I have had a number of massages over the years, in various parts of the country, but I have never had massages as utterly relaxing and enjoyable as the ones I have had from Diana.  The technique she has cultivated from various approaches and sources, combined with her use of hot stones, make for a truly wonderful experience.  I look forward to every visit, knowing the stresses of the week will be washed away with every session.  I highly recommend Diana!

Kurt V., Andover, MA


I went in 6 months pregnant with an SI strain, which has been hampering my ability to do normal  everyday activities, and left feeling little pain at all. The effects have lasted into the next day, which is progress for me. (written the day after the massage)  I found the incorporation of hot stones into prenatal massage very soothing on sore tired muscles. It was a very relaxing experience overall, and worth a visit.

Thanks for a great massage.
Rebecca G., Bradford, MA


 I have received massages from Diana on numerous occasions and have been delighted each time. Diana is adept at making me feel comfortable and completely relaxed. During one session, I mentioned I had a sore shoulder and after she worked with it the difference was night and day. My shoulder felt wonderful when I left. I would highly recommend Diana’s services. Personally, I look forward every appointment!  

Carrie Z., Amesbury, MA


 As a new resident of Massachusetts, I was looking for a massage therapist as soon as I moved here and found Diana’s business on the Internet.  I suffer from Fibromyalgia and it can be pretty debilitating, so I needed to find someone who understood this condition.  Diana talked with me before my first massage to make sure that she understood my situation and communicates with me during the massages to make sure that everything is ok.  This is not just a job for Diana; she truly loves what she does and aspires to do her best.  She has given me a great deal of relief from my Fibromyalgia pain and during my sessions, I find myself letting go of stress and not focusing so much on the pain I’m in.   She is not only a master of her craft, but also a fine human being and I’d highly recommend her to anyone looking for a massage therapist. 



I had occasion to visit Ms Dow’s studio in January..I had originally scheduled an hour long session, however her skills and deep tissue massage plus the use of warm stones, led me to increase the session to an hour and a half (fortunately I was the last client of the day.)

 I heartily recommend Ms Dow for anyone who has muscle tension, stress, or other aches and pains.  I left feeling completely relaxed and invigorated. Ms Dow is the consummate professional. 

John L., Haverhill, MA



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